Consulting Services

The Land Group (TLG) has a combined expertise of nearly 100 years of working with land and natural resources. TLG’s core business in land advisory and brokerage easily translates to additional services for it’s clients. Expertise of TLG’s team extend beyond simply transactional real estate to a range of consulting services including:

Conservation Program Planning – A scope of work under this service typically includes analysis of land for eligibility under state, federal and non profit based programs which work to capitalize on opportunities to monetize conservation values and long term land investment strategies.
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Forestry Management – Services include traditional timber evaluation as well as progressive strategies to manage timberland resources for long term returns and ecological values. These services are delivered through working directly with consulting foresters partnered with TLG.

The Land Group - Consulting Services

The Land Group - Consulting Services _ Geographic Information Analysis and Evaluation

Geographic Information Analysis and Evaluation – Through TLG’s Geographic Information strategies and Stuart Hamilton, GI Scientist, TLG is positioned to assist in the aggregation of land for greenfield development of solar facilities and other land uses.  Deliverables under this service include analysis of broad geographies of land to study and prioritize land tracts which satisfy specific requirements dictated by the client’s needs. A properly conducted land analysis through this process will rapidly increase the process of site acquisition and the success of the project overall. 

Survey and Land Planning – TLG can assist clients with land surveying, subdivisions, and land planning. Staff internally are licensed in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia and regularly assist clients in facilitating property line research to verify ownership. Large projects are facilitated through strategic partnerships with preferred TLG partners in the industry.

The Land Group - Consulting Services - Survey and Land Planning